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Your Feng Shui
Welcomes You


Energy can be challenging; However harnessed correctly it can also be extremely rewarding, I’m here to lightenand brighten your journey. helping you achieve the most out of your space and guide you positively toward achieving your goals. I have been over 20 years of experiece and will help you problem solve and trouble shoot whatever area of your life you are finding challenging be it health, finance or relationships . ​

Buddah - YourFengShuiNJ


Zen - YourFengShuiNJ
Chinese New Year - YourFengShuiNJ
Yin Yang Zen Garden with Buddah - YourFengShuiNJ

Feng Shui Principal  Application

A Comprehensive Approach To Positioning the 5 Elements 

Fen Shui Yearly Overlay

Expert Guidance For the Current Years Lucky & Unlucky Directions 

 Problem Solving for negative energy

Removing Obstacles and Creating Your Path to Success

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