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Five Elements Cycle


Understanding Five Elements Is Key achieving Positive Qi .

The Five Elements of Feng Shui - YourFengShuiNJ


Fire (火; huǒ), Water (水; shuǐ), Wood (木; mù), Metal or Gold (金; jīn), and Earth or Soil (土; tǔ).

Five Elements of Feng Shui - YourFengShuiNJ

Five Elements Cycle

Feng Shui Works with the Five Elements Cycle to bring balance to a space.

All Elements are equally important and can be used to  promote each other creating Positive Eenergy or Qi. 

If tthere is Negativity being generated it is possible that the Elements are not balanced and it is in a destructive cycle .

There must be Balance achieved for it to be Positive again which can be achieved through reorientation.

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